Women in PR Members: Wealth Building Strategies

Take Control of Your Financial Future!

If you’re unprepared for the year or stressed out about your fiscal future, you need to keep reading…

Dear fellow Women in PR,

Most of us want to grow in our PR career or start our own PR agency for one reason: to make money.

Sure, we also want to impact lives, influence others in a positive way, and create a flexible lifestyle for ourselves.

When it really comes down to it, you need to make money!

You know what nobody talks about, though?

What in the world to do with that money when you get it.

How do you know what to spend and what to save?
How do you know what (and where) to invest?
How can you use your money intelligently, so that it builds long-term wealth?

First of all, if you’ve ever asked yourself any of the above, good news: You’re not alone.

Most Women in PR–in fact, I’d go as far as to say most people–struggle to “figure out” their finances and turn short-term income and assets into long-term, sustainable, generational wealth.

Well, here’s the thing…

If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes!

Question: Did you just roll your eyes as you read that line, because you HAVE tried to “change’ a lot to figure out your finances? If so, I get it.

Maybe you put together a budget once, but because your income fluctuates, you “went over”…and then gave up.

Maybe you’re simply the “head in sand” type who doesn’t know how much is coming in or going out, who feels intimidated by words like “stocks” and “real estate” or who has been avoiding at least $30k of credit card debt for a few years now with zero plan to pay it off.

Can you relate?

The Truth Is, At Some Point or Another YOU ARE Going to Have to Take Control of Your Financial Future!

You might reach an income cap because you’re still working in the 1:1 PR agency model and don't know how to change it.

You might inch close enough to retirement that you start to feel real pressure to create a nest egg for your family.

You might just get fed up with watching everyone around you do things you wish you could do “if only you had the money”–like hire a dream PR team, get a fancy photo shoot or attend luxe retreats with Women in PR.

No matter how many different strategies you’ve tried (or haven’t) up until this point to manage your money and/or figure out ways to make it work harder for you, the truth is there are EASY ways to start managing and multiplying your money NOW.

It’s true: You can completely change your financial future with just a few tweaks. It doesn’t have to be nearly as hard or complicated as you’ve made it in the past!


Wealth Building for Women in PR

Stop daydreaming about the day your finances will “work themselves out” and start learning how to easily manage AND multiply your money!

During this quick and easy self-study course, we will take you step-by-step through practical and painless ways you can build wealth (including the ways that we have personally done it!), such as…

  • How to finally get your finances in order–from budgeting to paying down debt (You’ll find some fresh new approaches here that will help you set the solid financial foundation you’ve always wanted!)
  • Creating multiple lucrative income streams that make cash for you while you crash (or grab a coffee, or even “La Cucaracha” it up in Cancun)
  • Investing in your PR career and business–and yourself–in ways that pay you back emotionally and financially…exponentially

Ready for it? Here’s exactly what’s included in this self-paced course…

1: Build a Solid Foundation For Your Future

The first step to building wealth truly is knowing your numbers, Sure, you might’ve gone down this road before–but this time, we’re really going to whip your finances into shape and set a solid foundation.

Knowing where money fits into your life, how to pay down debt (and stop tossing money away on fees and interest), and how to create (and stick to) a budget without wanting to bawl your eyes out are essential skills. Part 1 will teach you the exact habits you need to set yourself up for successful wealth handling.

You’ll learn…

  • The easy way to get on top of your finances–and how to make “fiscal responsibility” fun (for real!)
  • 3 simple steps you need to take to get on top of and finally pay down debt–for good.
  • Why you need to give every dollar a job–and how to do it in a way that makes sense for your life.
  • Which numbers you absolutely can’t ignore–and what to do with them once you know!
  • How to keep your finances simple–so they stress you out less and take up less time.
  • What you need to eliminate to keep your expenses low–and exactly how to do it now!

Part 1 might sound basic but trust us: You’ll be amazed by how much calmer you’ll feel about your finances when you finally have these foundational pieces on lock!

2: Cultivate Multiple Streams of Income

Have you ever heard that successful Women in PR have at least seven streams of income? Well, friend, it’s not a lie. Here’s the thing: Most PR business owners start with a 1:1 model they simply can’t scale–which means multiple income steams are inevitable.

However, if creating them seems almost impossible right now, don’t fret. Part 2 will help you break your income barriers and cook up a business model filled with various ways to bring home the bacon (without breaking the bank or burning yourself out).

Part 2 of this course is all about figuring out your perfect mix of income-making activities.

You’ll learn:

  • The “multiple stream secrets” of successful Women in PR–and how you can make them work for you!
  • 7 streams of income you can implement in your business today– and unique ways to add even more!
  • How to decide if an income stream is right for you–and 5 things to do if it’s totally not.
  • How to find extra income streams–including some you’ve definitely never thought about!
  • All about passive income–including why you need it and how to make it!

Part 2 will open your eyes to new income-producing opportunities–and give you tips for setting them up so you can get start making more money right away.

3: Invest in Yourself, Your PR Career and Business

Now that we’ve got your finances in order and we’ve learned about setting up multiple streams of income, it’s time for part 3…all about the “growth secrets” most Women in PR aren’t openly talking about, and how to put them to work in your own business. (Spoiler alert: They all have to do with investing in yourself and your business, so you can take advantage of unexpected-yet awesome- opportunities when they arise!)

Specifically, Part 3 covers…

  • The secret to healthy expansion (it’s simpler than you think)
  • What most people get wrong when it comes to investing–and how you can avoid making the same mistakes.
  • 4 non-financial areas you can invest in that will bring you the highest return.
  • 7 ways to invest in your brand and increase the perceived value of your services, packages and products.
  • Why and how to use percentages to create flexibility in your new financial plan–and even manifest more!
  • How to grow your business in a way that doesn’t involve money at all!

You’ll end Part 3 of the course filled with investment ideas designed to build YOU up and build YOUR BUSINESS up in the minds of consumers.

4: Invest in Growth Opportunities

Congrats! By now, you’ve set up other streams of income and your business (and belief in yourself) is growing. Don’t sit back just yet. Have you found ways to scale your current streams of income, too? Lots of Women in PR overlook what they’ve already got and make more work for themselves when they want to build wealth. This final part of the course will help you figure out how to use the goods you’ve already got and find ways to become less hands-on (and free up more time) while increasing profits.

In part 4, we’ll cover…

  • The 3 basic steps to take to scale any income stream fast–and how to squeeze the most value out of what you’ve already created.
  • 7 ways to scale your existing income streams–and produce more profit without creating anything new.
  • Angel investing 101– what is it and should you do it?
  • Why “who you know” is still a key factor in getting rich–and exactly how to work with others in your network to build wealth quickly.
  • Tax secrets of the very rich–and the top 3 things you should know about Uncle Sam.
  • How scaling actually saves you money–and can mean less work for you with more money!
  • How to think out-of-the-box and make more money all the time – even when you’re on vacation!

“Growing” doesn’t have to mean more work. Part 4 of the course will help you get in the habit–and practice–of making all your business ventures scalable. (Which, in turn, will improve your health, wealth, and mental well-being, all while helping you grow your income and work less. Win!)

Change Your Approach to Building Wealth–For Good!

Just picture it. What if you could…

  • Set and forget your bills–knowing you’ll never go over budget again!
  • Quit wasting time “freaking out” over your finances–and free yourself from money stress, anxiety, shame, and guilt!
  • Scale or automate your business–and make legit money even while you’re on vaycay!
  • Make smart investments in your business–so they work overtime, not you!
  • Create a “nest egg” for future generations–and leave a real, lasting legacy on your family and the world.

Whatever “having more wealth” means to you, this course can help you determine the strategies to get there.

Listen, we will be the first to admit it might take some work to set up these wealth-building strategies in your life and business. Building wealth can take time, energy and effort.

It CAN happen–much faster (and easier) than you probably imagined. Especially if you have the strategies to guide you in the right direction!

At the end of the day, as Women in PR it’s SO important we make friends with our money, learn how to manage our income and build long-term wealth.

Otherwise, what’s the point?

So, here’s what I think: You’re worth it. Your business is worth it. Your legacy is worth it.

This course will show you how to build wealth, without the stress.

Does that sound worth it?

Get started now!


Your Program Facilitator

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