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The Women in PR Academy is online based so you can participate from anywhere in the world and connect with our members across the Americas.

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The Women in PR Academy serves as your annual membership experience – part online classroom, part implementation incubator, part community and mentorship support group.

Stay on top of PR trends and learn at your own pace alongside successful women in public relations who are aligned with your goals.

As a member, you have access to courses, replays of our live events, templates and video discussions. You have access to the materials for as long as you are a current member in good standing, with new content added regularly.

The Women in PR Academy is designed around 4 main pillars to help you:

  1. Navigate your PR career;
  2. Increase your PR profits;
  3. Welcome your PR clients;
  4. Plan your PR programs.

Here’s how membership works:

  • When you sign up as member you will receive access to 3 programs to help you 1) Navigate your PR career; 2) Increase your PR profits and 3) Welcome new PR clients.
  • Once your membership is verified, you will then receive access to the Women in PR Academy website to help you plan your PR programs. As a member, you will have access to over 10 complimentary mini courses, replays of our live events, templates and video discussions, as well as a library of bonus lessons and PR tips.
  • A Women in PR representative will contact you to interview you about your career or business to feature on our website.

Our programs are online based and we host events across the Americas.

Join our community to gain access to our premium resources, find your next job and build contacts in your field. Take advantage of our member discounts on PR tools, events and training to help you thrive in your career.

  • Connect with women in public relations across the Americas;
  • Find new clients and prospective employers;
  • Speaker resources to help you move into the PR spotlight;
  • Access career resources to help you advance in your field;
  • Access our online courses, live Q&A’s and Masterclasses;
  • Access our research and case studies to help with your campaign planning;
  • Build your agency or brand with our PR tools;
  • Member interview spotlight shared on our website, social media channels and newsletter;
  • Celebrate the accomplishments of women in your field;
  • Receive member discounts on events and training programs;
  • Complimentary access to our monthly PR Lounge discussions;
  • Access to our Facebook and LinkedIn groups;
  • Membership badge for your website;
  • Become a mentor or mentee and build your portfolio.

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"Women in PR is group of intelligent and savvy women who genuinely want to support one another in career and personal development."

- Lisa Clement, Sea to Sky Strategies

"While not often recognized as such, PR practitioners are the true influencers, with a vast number of connections and an ear to the ground for trends. Women in PR is a great network to be part of and have access to."

- Leeann Froese, Town Hall Brands

Programs Included with Purchase

Women in PR: Market Yourself Or PR Business At Live Events
Learn how to build meaningful connections, market your personal brand or business by attending live events the right way.
Women in PR
Quick Lesson: Build A Responsive Audience
Build A Responsive Audience
Women in PR
Quick Lesson: Social Media Content Planning
Social Media Content Planning
Women in PR
Quick Lesson: Social Media Platforms Set-Up
Social Media Platforms Set-Up
Women in PR
Quick Lesson: Selecting Social Media Platforms
Women in PR
Women in PR Members: Time Management + Productivity
Learn how to manage your time rather than being managed by the lengthy list of items on your PR to do list.
Women in PR
Member Welcome: Start Here
Welcome to our Community of Influential Women in Public Relations
Women in PR
Women in PR Members: Welcome Your New PR Clients
Creating a streamlined, scalable PR client onboarding process is essential for you, your entire team, and the client.
Women in PR
Women in PR Members: Navigate Your PR Career
90 minute video on demand panel discussion (recording from our live event) on career offroads and onroads.
Women in PR
Women in PR Members: Increase Your PR Profits
Learn how to raise your PR rates and prove the value of public relations to an organization
Women in PR
Women in PR Members: Public Relations Foundations
You will learn what public relations is and be able to define what exactly a public relations practitioner does in a modern technologically connected world.
Women in PR

Original Price: $487

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we exist?
The organization has been formed to enable groups of public relations women leaders across the Americas to come together to share ideas, contacts, experiences, and to advocate for major issues directly affecting women working in the PR industry today.
How does membership work?
We release PR content for members only to help you reach your career goals. The Women in PR Academy is online based so you can participate from anywhere in the world and connect with our members across the Americas.
How can I become a member?
You can join us through this programs site or visit our website womeninpr.com to sign up as a member. If you would like access to the Women in PR Academy, you will need to join as an individual, corporate or partner member. Student members do not receive access to the complimentary courses. Membership verification is required to access our community.

Your Program Facilitator

Women in PR
Women in PR

Women in Public Relations is an influential network of leading business women striving for excellence in the field of public relations.

We are partnering with businesses across the Americas to promote opportunities for women to learn and to share resources in a supportive community.

We are connecting leaders, developing new industry initiatives and inspiring new graduates through our event programs. We promote a collaborative learning environment through our portfolio building online programs led by industry experts.

We are the only organization across the Americas dedicated to advancing women in the field of public relations.