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Join our community to gain access to our student resources, find your next job and build contacts in your field.

As a student member, you have access to our Public Relations Foundations course and online discussions. You have access to the materials for as long as you are a current member in good standing, with new content added regularly.

Here’s how membership works:

  • When you sign up as member you will receive access to the Public Relations Fundamentals course.
  • A Women in PR representative will contact you to interview you about your career or business to feature on our website.

Our programs are online based and we host events across the Americas.

Join our community to gain access to our student resources, find your next job and build contacts in your field. Take advantage of our student member discounts on PR tools, events and training to help you thrive in your career.

  • Connect with women in public relations across the Americas;
  • Find new clients and prospective employers;
  • Access career resources to help you advance in your field;
  • Access our research and case studies to help with your campaign planning;
  • Member interview spotlight shared on our website, social media channels and newsletter;
  • Celebrate the accomplishments of women in your field;
  • Receive member discounts on events and training programs;
  • Access to our monthly PR Lounge discussions;
  • Access to our Facebook and LinkedIn groups;
  • Membership badge for your website;
  • Become a mentor or mentee and build your portfolio.

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Women in PR
Women in PR

Women in Public Relations is an influential network of leading business women striving for excellence in the field of public relations.

We are partnering with businesses across the Americas to promote opportunities for women to learn and to share resources in a supportive community.

We are connecting leaders, developing new industry initiatives and inspiring new graduates through our event programs. We promote a collaborative learning environment through our portfolio building online programs led by industry experts.

We are the only organization across the Americas dedicated to advancing women in the field of public relations.

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Public Relations Foundations + Student Membership
You will learn what public relations is and be able to define what exactly a public relations practitioner does in a modern technologically connected world.
Women in PR

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